Welcome to Our Wiki, "Transformational Collaborative Outcomes Management!"

This site is designed to be used by people involved in the public mental / behavioral health system and human serving system. It lays out tools for approaching and solving common dilemmas that occur and recur in the system. This site is written with a particular emphasis on providing tools for collaborative decision-making, leading to more effective care. This site has two main foci: 1) Maximizing the usefulness of the CANS in helping persons at every level of a system assist families in setting and achieving their health and wellness goals and 2) helping system administrators move the system towards greater transparency and effectiveness. The tools and resources on this site are constantly expanded and refined as collaborators share what works for families.

Getting Started

  • This site is laid out as a series of tools and topics
  • These topics build on and inform each other; to maximize usefulness, they have also been built to be able to be read as stand-alone topics
  • Each topic is indexed in the sidebar on the left hand side of the screen and has its own page that can be accessed by clicking on the page name


  • Feel free to add to the discussion! Concrete examples of your tools and successes are especially helpful
  • Feel free to pass this along! This site is open to collaborators and contributors interested in helping children and families meet their wellness goals. Our web address is: http://successfulmentalhealthsystems.wikispaces.com/

This toolkit is the result of countless collaborators across San Francisco, the Bay Area, and the Nation (and even some international collaborators). These collaborators are too numerous to all be named, and we’d inevitably forget many important ones. That said, we are fortunate in San Francisco to have had several remarkable supporters of our work who have allowed us to initiate and grow this work. They include: Sai-Ling Chan-Sew, Stephanie Romney, the team at Foster Care Mental Health, Miriam Damon, Albert Eng, Deborah Sherwood, Robin Li, Jen Cardenas, and Alicia Joseph-Rivers and her Family Advisory Network at Children’s System of Care. A number of persons have provided examples of excellent work in implementing the CANS statewide, including Martha Henry and Betty Walton. John Lyons has provided exceptional support for our efforts at every stage of the process. Finally, we thank the families of San Francisco with entrusting us with the task of helping them achieve their health and wellness goals. We are humbled by the distance you have already gone, and your willingness to allow us a place in your journey.


This site is designed and maintained by Nate Israel, PhD. The tools here are provided for non-commercial use, as a resource to public-system providers of behavioral health services. Many of the resources here have been developed for children, youth, and families served by San Francisco's Community Behavioral Health Services. The approach and tools described here build on the experience and work of collaborators across many academic institutions, public behavioral health systems, and non-profit organizations.