Parents and Families
Understanding and Using the CANS

Trauma. This is a fact sheet on trauma, how it may impact the family, and what can be done.

Parent-led Training. The Parent-led Training is an empowerment tool for parents, and a collaboration tool for clinicians and supervisors. Developed by local parents, the curriculum lays out concrete steps which clinicians and supervisors can take to engage parents in the processes of Assessment, Treatment Planning, and Goal Attainment Monitoring. The curriculum presents parent-preferred behaviors for key processes involved in achieving collaborative care. These behaviors are then modeled, role-played between clinicians, and role-played between a clinician and a parent co-trainer. This allows clinicians to try out new behavior in successively more realistic environments. This also creates a new emotional experience for clinicians regarding engaging families in actively co-creating the assessment, treatment plan, and treatment review process.

Caregiver and Youth Engagement Guides

The Caregiver and Youth Engagement Guides are designed to provide practical guidelines about how best to approach engaging caregivers and youth throughout the service process. These guides may also provide caregivers and youth with a sense of what should occur and what to expect when you enter services. These guides may also be useful for caregivers and youth looking to create a similar guide for persons from cultural and linguistic groups not represented in the guides.