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April 16 at 1pm EST

June 18 at 1pm EST

September 17 at 1pm EST

December 10 at 1pm EST

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Date: December 3, 2014


Topic: The Center for Child Trauma Assessment and Service Planning at Northwestern University, has been focusing on application of the CANS in relation to trauma-informed practice, with a particular focus on how to support use of the CANS in relation to caregiver/family engagement, psychoeducation, and use in collaboration with other providers. Cassie Kisiel and Tracy Fehrenbach from Northwestern will 1) offer an update on project activities related to supporting the application of the CANS in various service settings, 2) overview updated resources developed to enhance use of the CANS in relation to family engagement, collaboration and trauma-informed treatment/service planning, 3) and highlight the efforts of our partners to embed some of these resources in practice. Our partners from Tennessee child welfare, Kathy Gracey and Nena Horton, will share their experiences with using these CANS resources to support collaboration and family engagement and their lessons learned in the process. We also plan to engage in discussion with the group on other strategies and efforts underway to enhance practice in these areas.

Date: Thursday January 10th 2013 @ 1PM EST

Topic: Application of the CANS in Trauma-Informed Treatment and Services


Call Summary:

Presentation by: Dr. Kisiel and Dr. Fehrenbach

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Application of the CANS in Trauma-Informed Treatment and Services
  • The national child traumatic stress network (NCTSN)
    • Purpose: To raise the standard of care and increase access to services for traumatized children and their families
Introduce the Center for Child Assessment and Services and overview project goals and activities
    • Center for Child Trauma Assessment and Service Planning (CCTASP): focus on development and dissemination of trauma-focused assessment strategies for various providers and service settings
      • This is why the CANS is used
    • How is Comprehensive Assessment information translated?
      • Strengths building
      • Caregiver/Family engagement
      • Systems Planning
      • Treatment and Service Planning
    • Goals of the NCTSN:
      • Interventions for the developmental effects of Trauma
      • Enhance education efforts
      • Expand dissemination and increase accessibility of comprehensive trauma-focused assessments
      • Enhance translation-focused assessments in practice
      • Integrate and disseminate trauma focuses assessments and services/treatment interventions

Overview development and use of CANS resources to assist client/family engagement and trauma-informed treatment planning
  • 5 resources
    • CANS cheat sheet (3 pages) item with the most interest from the CANS collaborative
      • Summary of the CANS
      • Ideas on how to use the CANS at the beginning of treatment
      • Description of why it is important to collect CANS information
      • One page summary handout for families
    • One page summary (1 page)
    • Guidelines for trauma informed assessment, treatment planning, and treatment (34 pages-3 sections)
    • Using the CANS with complexly traumatized children and adolescents (shorter document)
    • Video (50 minutes)

Introduce a survey to assess:
  • Resource needs
  • What existing practices do you have in place
  • Future CANS Trauma collaborative meetings

If you have not had a chance to take the NCTSN survey you can do that here:

Next call: Use of algorithms

  • Second Thursday in April will be the next call

  • Anne Marie Sheffield
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  • Betty Walton
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